Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions on how to use the Gistify service, please contact support. If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve the service, we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us at feedback.

Are you a Zoom video conferencing customer? If so, specific instructions for our “Zoom integration” are available at Gistify Zoom FAQs.

I'm new to Gistify, so how do I use the service?

You simply create an account via Gistify Sign Up, provide an active web link (URL) to the media file you’d like to have a Gist visualization created for, and submit that request. When complete, a Gistify link is produced that you can then use in any way you like (e.g. share with your team via Slack, email, etc.).

Does the Gistify service host audio or video content?

We do not provide cloud storage for the media (i.e. audio or video files). Our users need to provide accessible web links to content they’ve hosted themselves or from any of the popular cloud storage services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.).

How do I get the Gist of my audio or video content?

The following steps detail taking that media file link (URL) and producing a Gistify web link:

  • Create an account via Gistify Sign Up.
  • Signing up requires a verifiable email address, a password, and a valid credit card.
  • Once the account is created, sign in at Gistify Sign In, with your email address and the password you provided when you created the account.
  • Once signed in to your Gistify account, you’ll have access to all of the media files that you have submitted for Gist construction.
  • To submit a new media file, click on the appropriate Create Gist button, where you’ll be prompted for a title for the media file and the web link (URL) for the raw media (e.g.
  • Click the Verify button. If the verification step is successful, a preview pane will display the video and its title with an option to press the Order Gist button.
  • The Gistify URL for your request is automatically and immediately generated; however, the newly requested task is placed in a pending queue as our service constructs the Gist visualization.
  • Once the Gist visualization construction is complete, that Gistify URL is available, usable, and shareable.
How can I then use the Gist with my content?

As with any other audio or video content you submit, you can store your content in one of many cloud storage solutions, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, and many others. Once your media is accessible via the hosted cloud storage link, you can submit that from within your Gistify account, generating the Gist visualization, accessible via the Gistify URL.

How can I use my recordings from my collaboration provider to create a Gist to share with my team?

Our service is compatible with all major collaboration provider recordings, including those from Cisco Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Skype.

For Zoom video conferencing customers, specific instructions for our “Zoom integration” are available at Gistify Zoom FAQs.

For any of the providers, if you have direct access to the audio or video recording via a web link (URL) from that provider’s service, you can use that link with the Gistify service. Otherwise, you can store your content in any of the many, popular cloud storage solutions, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

In order to create a Gist of your meeting or collaborative session:

  • Record your session using that provider’s (e.g. Zoom) recording process.
  • If the provider has an active web link (URL) to the video file for that recording, you can simply provide that link to the Gistify service, as previously described within this FAQ.
  • If that link fails verification from the Gistify service, the alternative process is to store the collaboration session recording on one of the previously specified cloud storage platforms (e.g. Dropbox).
  • Verify and submit the appropriate media URL to the Gistify service.
  • Once generated, use the Gistify URL in any useful way or simply email that link to your team to offer a new and powerful collaboration and productivity tool.
Can I just provide a YouTube, Vimeo or other like URL for media submission?

Not yet.

We have prioritized development of an integrated solution for YouTube and Vimeo, and we will update these FAQs once that work has been completed. For now, the media owner needs to take the original media file (e.g. MP4 video file) that was submitted to YouTube or Vimeo and store that on a hosted cloud platform that is compatible with Gistify and then follow the instructions provided in these FAQs for the construction of the Gist visualization.

Can I submit audio as well as video?

Yes. All standard audio file formats are supported, and the process is the same as defined within these FAQs for video files.

How do I use the Gistify visualization player?

Scan each of the Gist chapters for a given media file to assess the overall essence of the recording. Consider the Gist a “rolling abstract”, allowing those viewing the Gist to effortlessly assess the meeting essentials.

Gistify extracts the most important elements from the media and displays these prioritized elements in word groups. While Gistify makes every effort to determine importance with respect to which elements are displayed, the real assessment is made by the viewer as they audit the Gist visualization elements and their associated, contextual hints.

Click or tap on any of Gist’s visual elements to start playing the audio or video content at that exact time that the word appears within the media. Cycle through the Gist chapters to find that exact moment you were trying to remember, dramatically improving the efficacy of search.

How can I view the context surrounding any of the Gist visual elements?

On non-touchscreens (e.g. many computers), hover over any of the visual components to view the associated transcription context for that visual element, improving the extraction of meaning and relevance. For mobile devices, a long tap displays the contextual hints.

Do I have to use Gistify URLs to access the Gist visualization?

Yes, the Gistify URLs are the only method to access the Gist visualization. Soon, we’ll have tools to easily integrate the Gistify on your website.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at feedback.

How do I use the Gistify URLs for integration on my site?

Capability coming soon.

Are there limitations on file size?


What's it cost? What if I have a large amount of content?

Our introductory subscription plan is defined at Gistify. If you have specific questions, for example, you have a substantial amount of content or your content will have a very substantial audience (and therefore significant views), please contact us at sales.

What if the current limitations will be exceeded, such as number of views per month?

Please contact support.

How can I cancel my account?

If for some reason you need to close your Gistify account, sign in at Gistify Sign In and then use the account menu in the upper right to go to Account Settings. Under “Administrative”, choose Cancel Account and confirm cancellation.

How can we integrate our product or service with Gistify?

Please contact sales with a brief description of your product or service.

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