Frequently Asked Questions: Zoom Integration

If you use Zoom video conferencing, you can easily associate any Zoom meeting recordings with your Gist account in order to maximize the benefit of your recordings. Check out the following FAQs, and if you have further questions, please contact support.

If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve the service, we’d love to hear from you, so please contact us at feedback.

For general questions about Gist, please check out our FAQ.

How do I use my Zoom video conferencing recordings with Gist?

You can easily authorize the Gist service to automatically access your recorded Zoom content. Once complete, you’ll be able to order the Gist for any of your Zoom audio or video recordings.

How authorize Gist to access my recorded Zoom content?

Sign into your Gist online account at Gistify and click on Account Settings. From the primary view, you’ll see an option to “Connect to Zoom” under the “Integrations” heading.

By clicking that option, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Zoom account, and the Zoom system will prompt you for authorization to access your Zoom recordings.

If the authorization is verified and successful, you’ll be prompted with a list of Zoom meeting recordings from which you can order the Gist.

How to order a Gist of a specific meeting recording?

From your Gist portfolio, you can click on the “Gist from Zoom” button, which will open a window showing all of your recordings from your Zoom account. For each Zoom meeting, all of the requested recording format versions are provided. You simply select the format you’d like to generate a Gist for and click on the “Validate” button. Once validated, you’ll then have the option to order the Gist.

What recording formats are supported?

The Zoom recording settings allow for a variety of different formats, including just audio. You are able to configure your Zoom settings to record in one or multiple formats, and each of the resulting recording formats is available to order via the Gist service.

Can I order a Gist for just the audio of a meeting?

Yes. Recording just the audio saves storage space, and if you are not sharing content on your screen or turning on participant video feeds, there are no visuals to see, and audio is all that is saved by the Zoom system.

This is a key benefit of using Gist, as the Gist visualization makes the audio-only recordings more interactive and useful.

How much does Gist cost?

Our introductory pricing plan is detailed at Gistify, and we’ll be offering additional plans in the future.

How do I uninstall Zoom from my Gist account?

To remove Zoom from your Gist account, go to Zoom App Marketplace, and sign in using your Zoom account. Once on Zoom App Marketplace, click on “Manage” from the top menu, and then click on “Installed Apps” from the left pane. Then, find Gistify app and click “Uninstall” and follow the steps.

For detailed instruction, please follow the link.

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