[jistə fIĪ]

Verb: the construction of a gist – an interactive “rolling abstract” that efficiently identifies relevant, key points in rich media content.

Our Mission:

To help teams achieve a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Origin Story:

Our Technology Ensures That Information Is Never Missed

Your meeting has already been going for an hour, as the team brainstorms on key business opportunities. While ideas are flowing, the following exchange happens:

“Wait, what you just said was perfect! What was that again?”
“Ah, I’m not sure, but it did feel on point…”

Have you ever had that conversation where you heard something that really resonated yet you can’t remember exactly what was just said? Maybe in a lecture when something important was mentioned but you were too busy taking notes to hear it? Or, at the end of the day, you reflect back on your calls only to wonder how many things you missed.

These types of challenges drove Gistify’s founding team to ask how we can implement tools to help ensure that information is never lost. Gistify’s fundamental mission is to create advanced technical solutions to amplify efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Gistify Gather Information and Gives You The Important Points

In our current world, people are often overwhelmed with information. With Gistify, you can revisit your meeting from last week by taking a few moments to cycle through the rolling abstract and remind yourself what the key takeaways were from that meeting. Or, if needed, you can find that action item you were assigned by your boss in order to make sure you fully understood the task at hand. No more endless scrolling to find what you need!

Simply scroll, click, or even search to find what you need in seconds.

Meet Our Founder: Mark